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Duration: 2-days | Price: $1,680 + GST

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This two-day data analytics course covers data analysis techniques which are effective for use in business intelligence. Make strides in your career by upskilling with one of the most in-demand skill sets, data analytics.

Are you a business professional looking to become involved in Data Analytics and/or Business Intelligence? In this Data Analytics course you will learn the concepts and skills needed to access, develop, analyse and report on internal and/or external data sets.

Background in programming, database or statistics is not required for this course as you will be introduced some of these skills in the short course. This is a hands-on short course run in a computer lab where you will practice analysing data using various tools, including Tableau and databases.

Course hours are usually 9am – 5pm and courses are run in the city CBD.

Is This the Right Course for You?

This Data Analytics course is suitable for:

  • New Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Analysts or Data Scientists who are looking for better ways to understand and visualise data and make data prediction
  • People who are interested in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics but do not come from a technical background

Our data analytics course addresses the needs of professionals who want an overview of data analytics as well as developing usable skills applicable to the everyday work environment. Learning methods for manipulating and analysing data sets it is relevant to business professionals who want to use data analytics for business intelligence.

This course is an excellent introduction to data analytics and suitable for professionals interested in transitioning to the following roles:

  • analytics consultant
  • analytics programmer
  • analytics manager
  • business analyst
  • business intelligence specialist
  • business strategist
  • computer system analyst
  • data analyst
  • data analysis specialist
  • data scientist
  • data strategist
  • information analyst
  • information manager/information officer
  • market research analyst
  • management analyst
  • market analyst
  • predictive modeller
Learning Outcomes

In this Data Analytics course you will learn:

  • How to design data for Transaction processing
  • Data quality and data cleaning
  • Data architecture – data warehouses and data marts
  • How to analyse data and create a report
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • How to identify Trends, Outliers, Targets
  • Data visualisation
  • An introduction to NoSQL and Big Data

You will learn to discover patterns in collected data and then formulate solutions to business problems as you learn to store and report on data. This is a practical course that will walk you through real-world scenarios and get you practicing data cleaning and analysing during the course.

You’ll develop the skills to collect, use and transform data into information that can inform strategic decisions whilst weighing risk in business and walk away with a diverse set of skills which can be applied to various business and technology problems.

The ability to work with data structures, organising, analysing and interpreting information will make you invaluable to government and businesses organisations in Australia. It is our aim to instill the confidence in your new skills to be able to immediately apply your knowledge in the workplace.

Course Outline

Module 1: Overview

  • The Road to Business Intelligence
  • Transaction Processing to Data Warehousing to Business Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Module 2: Design for Transaction Processing versus Business Reporting

  • Entity Relationships
  • “Stars” and “Snowflakes” – Facts and Dimensions

Module 3: Managing the Process

  • Requirements Gathering (iterative and interactive process)
  • Data Custodians and Data users
  • Data Quality and Data Cleaning

Module 4: Architecture

  • Warehouses and Data Marts
  • Integration or interfacing
  • External Sources

Module 5: Reporting and Data Analytics

  • Ad hoc queries
  • Dimensional Modelling
  • What to look for Trends, Outliers, Targets
  • Visualisation

Module 6: The Future

  • NoSQL
  • Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence and Business Analysis
  • Privacy and Ethics
Industry & Careers

Data science is booming world-wide as businesses come up to speed with data being the foundational driver of the digital age. With massive amounts of data amassing every minute, skilled data analytics professionals are in high demand across all industries globally.This demand for data analysts comes from the struggle to find increasingly skilled professionals who can extract useful insights and business value from data. This course will propel you to the forefront by providing knowledge and experience in this rapidly growing area.

You can start your career as a data scientist by working through data visualisation, data cleaning and data design topics.

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