Process Modelling 101 

Not wishing to piggy back too much on My Kitchen Rules (currently screening on Australian television) but for business analysts who like cooking – and even those who don’t – here’s a fun exercise to practice your process modelling skills.   If you like spending time in the kitchen, test your skills by translating something […]

How to Draw Data Flow Diagrams 

Data flow diagrams (DFD) show how the functions, or processes, of a system relate to each other via the data that flows between them. They are most valuable in showing ‘what’, (the logical view) but can also be used to show the ‘how’ (the physical view).   Download our guide to DFDs here: How To […]

Most popular BA techniques 

Do you know which methodology analysts have the most experience using? How about diagramming techniques? A recent survey of over 1,100 business analysts (68% with over 5 years experience) gave some interesting results. When it comes to software development methodologies, 68% said they had experience with waterfall development, 46% said iterative whilst object-oriented (44%) and […]