Business Analyst or Business Solution Designer? 

At IRM we’ve long argued that investigating, eliciting and gathering requirements (i.e. analysing business problems) is only half the job. Sure the business wants you to understand their problems but more importantly they want you to come up with a solution. And not a technical solution but a business solution. As a business analyst you […]

How To Run A Walkthrough Meeting 

Walkthroughs are one of the common business analysis techniques identified in the BABOK. They’re used to identify (but not necessarily correct) errors or inconsistencies in work products – for example a walkthrough of a requirements document might be used to verify the completeness of requirements. If you’re running a walkthrough meeting it can be a […]

Who Reads Your Stuff Anyway? 

If you’re a business analyst then producing written communications goes with the territory. It might be workshop notes to team members – or a report that lands on the desk of the CEO. Whoever you’re writing for, they’ll only read it if there’s something they want or need to know. So as writers we need […]

12 Positives To Being a Business Analyst 

Finding solutions can be hugely satisfying in any job but as the business analyst is by definition a problem solver, it’s very easy to become “problem-centric”. Sometimes our job can just become one problem after another. We’ve got to be careful not to get depressed by all the challenges we face!     So rather […]

Use Case Fragments 

A previous IRM article Event Based Analysis and Modelling described how business functionality in a requirements package can be broken down into a table with column headings – Event, Trigger, Initiator, Use Case name, etc. Each business function is a separate event and has a unique number. A typical business function might contain several unique events […]

The BA’s Journey – From a Current to a Future State 

Many words have been written about the process of business analysis and how it can be performed on different types of projects. There are a multitude of tools and techniques which can be used plus methodologies and frameworks to suit a wide variety of circumstances. This makes it all too easy to get absorbed in […]

Solution Mode Thinking 

One of the biggest mistakes made by business analysts is going into “solution mode” before they’ve fully analysed a problem. They either approach a client meeting with pre-conceived ideas on what will fix the problem or jump to conclusions during the investigation phase without understanding all the underlying issues. We can all be guilty of […]

What is a Business Analyst? 

When this paper was first published in 2003, business analysis was just starting to emerge as a distinct profession in its own right. Prior to this the role was often performed by the systems analyst who would carry out both the analysis and the design on a new system or enhancement. This often meant that […]