12 Positives To Being a Business Analyst 

Finding solutions can be hugely satisfying in any job but as the business analyst is by definition a problem solver, it’s very easy to become “problem-centric”. Sometimes our job can just become one problem after another. We’ve got to be careful not to get depressed by all the challenges we face!     So rather […]

Solution Mode Thinking 

One of the biggest mistakes made by business analysts is going into “solution mode” before they’ve fully analysed a problem. They either approach a client meeting with pre-conceived ideas on what will fix the problem or jump to conclusions during the investigation phase without understanding all the underlying issues. We can all be guilty of […]

Problem Analysis Techniques 

This extract from IRM’s training material looks at how a structured approach to defining and analysing problems can be used as the basis for designing better solutions. Part 1 of this paper looks at problem definition. Part 2 introduces the reader to analytical techniques for determining the root cause of a problem.   Read full […]