There’s More to Modelling than Runways and Catwalks 

How often have you seen a TV clip from a fashion show – Milan, London, New York – and thought to yourself “What on earth are the models wearing?!”.  Business analysts can be guilty of something similar. Sure it’s a model, but what does it mean, what’s it trying to say? In the fashion industry, […]

Mind Mapping Requirements 

Mind mapping was popularised by Tony Buzan and is one way to assist in the problem of: Keeping up with meetings because you can’t take notes as fast as the speaker talks Making sense of your notes at a later time (many people say they can go back to a mind map months later and […]

Most popular BA techniques 

Do you know which methodology analysts have the most experience using? How about diagramming techniques? A recent survey of over 1,100 business analysts (68% with over 5 years experience) gave some interesting results. When it comes to software development methodologies, 68% said they had experience with waterfall development, 46% said iterative whilst object-oriented (44%) and […]

Creative Thinking Techniques 

This extract from IRM’s training material looks at how systematic, creative thinking techniques can be used to design practical solutions to business problems. Successful designs don’t just happen. Whilst we can sometimes get ‘flashes of brilliance’, successful designs are more likely to occur as part of a systematic process. Great things are not done by […]