What Happens After User Stories? 

OK, so you’ve had some great sessions with users and stakeholders. What they want the system to do is neatly captured in a number of user stories. Now what? While user stories do a great job of expressing functional (and often non-functional) requirements in words that business users can understand, that’s not the case for […]

User Stories & The Jungle Book 

Back in 1902, a collection of stories and poems for children – the Just So Stories written by Rudyard Kipling – was published. For those of you struggling to place Rudyard Kipling, he was the author of The Jungle Book. Check out the Disney movie of the same name if you’re still not sure – or ask your […]

Just Enough Documentation 

Is documentation a blessing or a curse? If you’re working on an agile project does it get in the way? If you’re updating a core system that runs your company’s business, are you cursing the analyst who didn’t adequately document all the business functionality? Is today’s agile project tomorrow’s core system? How much documentation to […]