Who Reads Your Stuff Anyway? 

If you’re a business analyst then producing written communications goes with the territory. It might be workshop notes to team members – or a report that lands on the desk of the CEO. Whoever you’re writing for, they’ll only read it if there’s something they want or need to know. So as writers we need […]

How Clear is Your Writing? 

As communicators, most business analysts will religiously use a spellchecker. After all nothing is less convincing than a misspelt document – it shows a lack of attention to detail. But there’s more to Microsoft Word than just spell-checking. How many people take any notice of the readability statistics? These statistics give an indication of how […]

An Introduction to Technical Writing 

At some time or another we all have to communicate using the written word, but all too often improving writing and communications skills are at the bottom of our “to do” list. Yet how many times has poor communications led to incorrect decisions or even downright confusion?   Read full paper here: Introduction to Technical […]