Reviews from past attendees about IRM Training:

“Course was great” – Origin Energy

“The course gave an excellent insight into the world of business analysis” – IP Australia

“Great course, great teacher!” – Land & Property Information

“The course has given me enough knowledge to perform my role effectively” – VicRoads

“Learned a lot more than the course deliverable” – University of Queensland

“Expands the toolkit nicely” – University of Queensland

“The course was really great, really in depth. Highly recommended” – Australian Taxation Office

“Course content was rich and full of beneficial concepts” – Fiserv

“Course provided me with a great insight into the fundamental tools of business analysis”-  Department of Defence

“Very interesting and gave me great insight on how to do better work” – University of Queensland

“Excellent course to develop the skills to solve a business problem in a group” – University of Queensland

“Excellently presented; content applicable. Collaborating approach to learning is very effective” – University of Queensland

“Enjoyed the course and found it very relevant to my job” – University of Queensland

“An excellent opportunity to formalise 20+ years of informal BA techniques” – Datacom

“A well-structured pragmatic approach to BA work” – Department of Human Affairs

“Great course…” – Kirana

“Excellent course…” – IP Australia

Reviews from past attendees about IRM Training’s courses:

Business Analysis

 “An excellent course that had all the essential ingredients for a BA” – ME Bank

 “A great combination of BA techniques and real life examples” – ESRI Australia

 “Really helpful” – Land & Property Information 

“I have obtained a lot of skills which I can use immediately at work” – Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

“Excellently delivered, very useful, expanded my mind!” – Hospira

 “I know I will be able to apply these to real-life projects” – Macquarie Bank

 “Excellent course information and training delivery” – Sydney Water

 “Fills the armoury full of tools to take back to your workplace” – ABI Group Contractors

 “The course was exactly what I was hoping for” – Zurich

 “Very glad that I have attended the course, it opened my eyes…” – Clear2Pay

 “The course has been invaluable…” – Australian Maritime Safety Authority

 “Provided me with the fundamentals and tools to start me on the BA journey” – AirServices Australia

Business Requirements Elicitation

“Techniques are practical and will apply at work immediately” – Department of Environment 

“Excellent fundamentals and overall skill set for BA not only in IT but general business context” – Queensland Health

“Very interactive course which gave a clear understanding of how requirements can be gathered, prioritised and used for better products and reduced cost” – Salt Group

“A great workshop – doing this course will give you a real world experience in how to gather and specify requirements” – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

“The course was a great synopsis of the requirements gathering process. The interactions with the participants added to its delivery” – ASIC

“Fabulous course that taught me invaluable lessons on requirements gathering” – Seqwater 

“Excellent – good use of industry examples and provides a wide variety of tools” – IP Australia

“This is a fabulous course that I feel should be mandatory for most Business Areas as it outlines what we should be providing as Business Requirements” – Department of Human Services

Writing Better Requirements

“Very useful – give a good run through of what is required knowledge to really improve requirements writing” – Department of Veterans’ Affairs

“A great introduction to appreciating business requirements and the relationship between the business value that BAs generate” – Caltex

“Very comprehensive course” – National Archives of Australia

“A very good introduction to the subject” – National Archives of Australia

“Excellent – will help with all project management” – National Archives of Australia

“Really great and practical course. I can easily think of how I’ll apply everything I learned today at my job on Monday!” – National Archives of Australia

“I gained a lot from the course and feel I have a better handle on different requirement types and how to approach writing them” – National Archives of Australia

“Very well presented. Good amount of material covered. Excellent presenter with good knowledge. The scenario based exercises were very helpful” – Department of Defence 

Data Analysis & Modelling

“Everyone came away having learned something from the course, which is great” – CSC

 “The case study/hands-on learning was excellent – learning this way is better than just listening to the presenter” – Medicare Australia

“Fantastic course, very useful and relevant” – Customs

“Overall the course was excellent” – IP Australia

“Excellent course and well presented” – DTEI

“Excellent insight into using data analysis to understand the business” – Geoscience Australia

“Just what I was after – to refresh knowledge of data analysis and modelling learned previously but not put into practice” – Dept Health & Ageing

“I found the course very informative and valuable towards improving my work” – TAL Direct

“Thought provoking and insightful” – Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission

Workshop Facilitation Skills

“Informative, practical and well run” – ANZ Bank

“Very well conducted and run course. A lot of knowledge and ‘skill’ was passed on to the class.” – Department of Veteran’s Affairs

“Excellent pointers for planning & structuring a workshop” – Allianz

“Right mix of theoretical, practical and discussions” – Department of Human Affairs

“Great tool bag for running, planning and wrapping up a workshop” – Department of Human Affairs

“Valued course that not only met objectives, it also highlighted many transferable skills/techniques” – Department of Health

Problem Solving Skills

“Most enjoyable, informative and engaging course” – Royal Australian College of GPs

“An excellent course which includes very useful and informative techniques” – Royal Australian College of GPs

“Particularly useful with regard to tools and application of theory & practical activities.” – Long Service Corporation

“I found the skills & techniques can apply anywhere!” – CSIRO 

“Great interactive exercises” – HCF

“Was engaging from start to finish – no topic or task was dragged out or dull. Enjoyed the real life examples – provided a better understanding.” – DHS 

“Very informative and so much leArning in a short space with an experienced and knowledgeable presenter. Useful tools and ways to approach problem solving.” – Geoscience Australia

“The course has certainly equipped me with a set of new tools and techniques that I can apply in my workplace.” – Department of Human Affairs

Modelling Requirements with Use Case and the UML

“Great introduction to using UML in requirements capture” CAE

“Great course full of valid content and practical application to our business environment” – Queensland Health

“Wanted to know UML at a user/practical theory level – nailed it!” – Queensland Health

“A great refresher to some familiar concepts. Excellent opportunity to apply the theory within real life experience” – NAB Bank

“Excellent introduction to UML” – Geomatic Technologies

“Excellent way to formalise my UML skills” – Moonee Valley City Council

“The course made clear concepts that I’d encountered before but not understood with 100% clarity, in an accessible and easy to follow formula”-  Queensland Health

“A great practical introduction to UML” – Queensland Health

“Very helpful course, exactly the information I was after” – UNSW