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Data Analytics course IIBA® ECBA™+ Certification Course

Duration: 3-days | Price: $1,810 + GST

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New in 2018, the IIBA® ECBA™+ Practicum provides you with the ability to demonstrate business analysis proficiency in the tasks expected to perform within the first year of employment.

Training is highly interactive and includes hands-on exercises. You will gain practical awareness of business analysis tasks by developing basic deliverables.

Successful completion of the training provides individuals joining the workforce greater confidence in their ability to perform the job.

Certification Process

This course is run by a CBAP®-certified professional who will assess how well the participants apply their newly-learned knowledge in the practical activities during the course. Participants who demonstrate satisfactory level of skills will be awarded the ECBA™+ certification through the IIBA®.

2 path ways to acquire the ECBA™+ Practicum certification:

Option 1

  • Complete 21 Professional Development Hours (PD Hours)
  • Pass the ECBA™ (theoretical) online exam
    • You now get the ECBA™ certification
  • Attend and successfully participate in this ECBA™+ Practicum course
    • You now also get the ECBA™+ certification

Option 2 (shortcut)

  • Attend and successfully participate in this ECBA™+ (Practicum) course
    • You will acquire 21 PD Hours by attending this course
  • Pass the ECBA™ online exam
    • You get both the ECBA™ and ECBA™+ certifications
Is This the Right Course for You?

This IIBA® ECBA™+ certification course is suitable for:

  • New Business Analysts with 0-2 years experience.
  • People who are switching roles to become a Business Analyst

There is no prerequisite to attend this course, however, in order to receive your ECBA™+ (practicum) certification, you must first get your ECBA™ certification (refer to the ‘Certification Process’ section above).

Learning Outcomes
The ECBA™+ program is intended for those responsible for business analysis at the entry level. Successfully completing this training program prepares you for a higher level of job performance. You will gain practical experience using foundational techniques that entry level business analysis professionals are likely to use in their first year of employment.

In this certification course you will learn and practice:

  • Brainstorming
  • Business Rules Analysis
  • Data Flow Diagrams
  • Document Analysis
  • Glossary and Data Dictionary
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Process Analysis & Modelling (SIPOC, Activity Diagram)
  • Reviews (Lessons Learned, Requirements Approval)
  • Stakeholder Analysis (Lists, Maps, Personas)
  • Use Cases & Scenarios
  • User Stories
Course Outline

Module 1: Improve Business Analysis Performance

Module 2: Engage Stakeholders

Module 3: Validate Help Desk Reports

  • Analyse Current State
  • Define Future State

Module 4: TheAgile Mindset

Module 5: Confirm Stakeholder Needs

  • Assess Solution Limitations
  • Assess Enterprise Limitations

Module 6: Explore Supply-chain Relationships

  • Define Requirements Architecture
  • Specify and Model Requirements

Module 7: Clarify Business Operations

  • Verify Requirements
  • Validate Requirements

Module 8: Manage Business Terms and Data Elements

  • Plan Business Analysis Information Management
  • Trace Requirements

Module 9: Follow the Data

Module 10: Narrow Scope and Strategy for Change

  • Define Change Strategy
  • Analyse Potential Value and Recommend Solution

Module 11: Outline User Interactions

Module 12: Align Solution Components with Desired Outcomes

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What is the difference between ECBA™ and ECBA™+?
  • You get the ECBA™ certification by passing an online exam (theory based)
  • You get the ECBA™+ certification by demonstrating your ability to apply the topics covered in the ECBA™ exam in practical work scenario
Will I have to sit on an exam?

There is no separate ECBA™+ exam. However, in order to receive your ECBA™+ certification you must be ECBA™ certified. See  the Certification Process section above.

Do I have to get ECBA™ certification before I attend this ECBA™+ course?

No. In fact, you can attend this course to satisfy the 21 Professional Development Hours prerequisite to sit on the ECBA™ exam. See “Option 2 (shortcut)” under the Certification Process section above.

Does this course have any prerequisite?


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